State of Social Connections Study

The research explores how connected, socially supported and lonely people feel in different parts of the world and sheds new light on the characteristics of people’s social connections, the ways people interact with others, the groups with whom they have frequent contact, and how they connect with others to get support when they need it.

The project includes data sharing through the Data for Good program at Meta and a Gallup + Meta written report with main findings and even more to come soon.

I’m honored to have worked on this project alongside many awesome colleagues from Meta, Gallup, and Academia: Anya Drabkin, Eden Litt, Konika Banerjee, Kelsey Mulcahy, Nicole Walter, Telli Davoodi, Pablo Diego Rosell, Lance Stevens, Steve Crabtree, Kristjan Archer, Rebecca Dover, Cynthia English, Nicole Ellison, John Helliwell, Julianne Holt-Lunstad, William Tov, Sonja Lyubomirsky

Ryan S. Ritter
Ryan S. Ritter
Research Scientist