The practical introduction to Bayesian statistics that actually made sense to me

When I first started learning Bayesian statistics on my own, the best book I came across (by far) was Richard McElreath’s Statistical Rethinking.

Using very simple examples and applications in R code, he walks through the basics in a way that just made things click for me.

I’ve created a notebook to provide a similar practical introduction to the basics of Bayesian statistics in R – using the same examples as in Statistical Rethinking – but without relying on McElreath’s rethinking R package (I personally prefer working more directly with rstan and using tidyverse friendly packages like tidybayes).

Thanks to Richard McElreath for the great book, and I hope this helps others understand the basics of Bayesian statistics in the same way it did for me when I was first learning.

Check it out @ [source code]

Ryan S. Ritter
Ryan S. Ritter
Research Scientist